Camera near/far distances

Is there any way to set the near and far camera planes? I see the properties in Editor but not sure if they were having any effect when I last checked

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Yes, on view components, they change near/far for when that view is active.

If you want to change the near/far of the editor camera (the one that renders the scene view), those settings are found in Project Settings > Editor.

Thank you!
Can you share a code snippet of setting the camera distance here?

If I set the EyeLeft and EyeRight values for near and far, it does not seem to have an effect at runtime

Is there a known way to change the near/far camera distance in VR dynamically at runtime?

Like - to set it to a different value during runtime - not just at the start of runtime?

ViewComponent.far and ViewComponent.near are coming with the upcoming 0.9.0 release.