Does Wonderland engine support Voice chat features?

Hi, is the engine sufficient to build a metaverse where the users get to interact with voicechat or should I add frameworks to handle it? and what do you suggest as a solution?

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Srile / Florian have made and open-sourced the networking component for wonderland engine using peer js

You can see its overview in the wonderland engine’s YouTube channel

(You can see the detailed tutorial and resources in the video description)

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Elaborating on @NS_TCG’s answer a bit:

GitHub - Srile/wle-networking: Basic networking components for Wonderland Engine based off of peer.js is a framework for basic Peer-to-Peer networking in Wonderland Engine, you should be able to build rooms up to 10 people including voice chat very easily.

The video that @NS_TCG linked shows off how it is used, you can find the full 1-hour step-by-step version of the same here: WT181 - Build a Multi-User Cross-XR App - YouTube