How do I use Normal Maps?

I have a GLTF/GLB model with normal maps. How can I make Wonderland Engine render them correctly?

Normal maps are supported in Wonderland Engine, but disabled by default.

Enable them as follows:

  1. Enable Views > Project Settings > Rendering > useTangents
  2. Go to Views > Resources > Pipelines
  3. Right-click “Phong Opaque Textured” > Duplicate
  4. Rename the new pipeline “Phong Normal Mapped”
  5. Enable NORMAL_MAPPING in the new pipeline.

Now you can switch the material of the imported mesh to use the new pipeline and set the normal map.

(And as @yin-chien_Yeap mentioned, make sure to export your model with tangents. Tangents can not be generally regenerated and need to match whatever your normal maps where authored with to look right.)

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Note that the model must be exported with Tangents for the normal mapping to work in Wonderland
Blender example here:

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