How to Access the Project on Android Chrome for Cardboard

Currently the model is running on http://localhost:8080/index.html, is there any way to tweak the code to make it run at http://localhost ?

There is a port setting in “Project Settings > Editor”
But it won’t work for Android devices, as you can only forward ports outside of a certain “safe” range. Any reason why do you need this?

The reason why I wanted was to open the local host using Android (Chrome) and run it via Google Cardboard.

If you connect your Android device via USB, you can forward the 8080 port, such that you can open localhost:8080 on your Android device

Here’s a great guide on that.

Phone has to be in developer mode

Lemme check it out… thanks for the quick reply :sweat_smile:

Hey guys :slight_smile:

I just run into the same problem: I connected my Iphone with the Oculus Quest II, switched to developer mode and then tried to access localhost:8080 on the Quest II. Unfortunatly, I could not open localhost:8080.

I then connected my Quest II via USB-C cable with my Windows PC. Then it worked.

It seems that if you use a Windows PC (or Linux etc) + an Iphone you have to connect your Quest II via an USB-C cable to the computer.

These connections are possible without connecting the Quest II via USB-C with the PC:

Anything (Windows, Linux etc) <> Android … Mac <> IPhone

This connection causes problems:

Anything (Windows, Linux etc) <> IPhone


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