Is onXRSessionStart called when already in VR?

I was wondering, if I have a callback in WL.onXRSessionStart but the session already started, will I miss the call or it would call me anyway?

WL.onXRSessionStart is a list of functions that are called when clicking the VR button
And if it was clicked during the loading screen it is supposed to call it again when your game scene gets loaded

So if I miss the call and I register after that I will not be notified just to say “hey I’ve already started”

Ah, I see now. No it won’t, good point!

I mean, it makes perfect sense
but probably I would like to be notified nonetheless to avoid weird timing where my registration happens after

Yeah, you could by doing:

if(WL.xrSession) {
} else {

So, if already in XR, call directly, otherwise register
You might want to register one way or the other, cause if someone exits and enters again, you probably want it to be called again