Is Wonderland Editor required Published Project?

Do we need Wonderland Editor for rendering the model?

Is it possible to integrate index.html it to python via flask and render it?

Thus can I upload it to a server (herokuapp) and view and share the project on Android?

You don’t need the editor, no, you can use the files in the deploy/ folder inside your project, they work independently of the editor

I tried but index.html is not works independently, it’s working only though the editor

You can upload them to any server, but make sure the .wasm files are served with application/wasm file type (might work out of the box for most servers)
You do also need the other files (.js, .wasm etc.)
Check the Chrome developer console (CMD/Ctrl + Shift + C) and reload the page to see which files are missing.

Ooh ok, it worked when I loaded it with live server in VSCode
But while using flask in python to render index.html, the same problem persist even though it’s running on localhost.
The problem is in flask we need to put all the resources in a static folder and call from it…
But I couldn’t do it for wasm-featuredetect.js as it is called with relative reference.

Ah, I see, is that because of the module syntax?
Does it automatically convert the other references?

No , I converterted the src and href manually to static where I copy pasted the resources
Yeah , need to change the syntax so that I can call from the folders

So I guess that doesn’t work in this case :thinking:
Something like import { simd, threads } from 'static/vr/deploy/wasm-featuredetect.js' maybe?

At first no modules are loaded deu to not found error…
After I changed their directory and recalled them with the new href and src the problem solved …

But not for a specific js wasm-featuredetect.js cause of the way it is called … from
Sorry my bad … this was the thing I tried first and the error pops up whenever I remove / or ./ Or …/

Oh, I missed that, sorry
So, if your index.html file is in localhost/vr
then your path could be import { simd, threads } from '../static/vr/deploy/wasm-featuredetect.js'
Unless “static” is localhost/vr/static
Then it’s import { simd, threads } from './static/vr/deploy/wasm-featuredetect.js'

Now that’s a MIME-Type error, which means you need to make your server serve the file differently (It needs to be application/wasm for the .wasm file and text/javascript for .js files)