Out-of-focus or lower resolution in VR views

Is there any way to reduce the pixel resolution of the main displays in the VR headset view?
Or some other way to blur / defocus the view?

There is WebXRLayerInit.framebufferScaleFactor, which we expose through Views > Settings > VR & AR > framebufferScaleFactor.

That needs to be set in the editor, so there’s no way of setting it dynamically. “defocus” sounds like you would like to animate the value.

There’s also XRView.requestViewportScale(), which takes a factor from 0-1, I guess that is on top of the framebuffer scale factor.
The XRView can be retrieved with XRFrame.getViewerPose() and the XRFrame is exposed through Module.webxr_frame in Wonderland Engine, but only during the update loop of JavaScript components and rendering callbacks, not during other JavaScript events (onclick and such).

Thank you for that guidance.

I can find the frameBufferScaleFactor and that works great!

But I am not sure how to use the code functions?
Do I need to add something to bundle.js to access the Module.webxr_frame?
Would it be possible to see a more detailed code use of the functions?