Resource recovery/reclamation of runtime added assets

If an assets (gltf/glb or maybe bin) is loaded at runtime (using scene.append), can the memory/resources used by it be reclaimed/recovered when that asset is removed?

Specially for a skinned mesh.
I know that gameObject recovery is very effective now, but what about an appended avatar’s mesh, skin, animations, materials and textures? Can the resources (memory / ids) be returned to the “free/available” pool for subsequent other assets to use?

Hi @yin-chien_Yeap !

Currently (0.8.10), it’s not possible to destroy meshes nor skins. It is possible to destroy textures only so far.

It would probably take quite a while to reach any memory limits, but assuming you have a long running app that appends a lot of larger (skinned) meshes frequently, you might eventually hit a RAM limit.

We will eventually support destroying all assets.