Viewing with Quest?

Hello All,

I’m sorry to post with such a rudimentary question. I just started playing with Wonderland, but I’m having trouble seeing the scene from within my Quest 2 headset. My computer is connected via ethernet cable, and I’m now using the oculus link to try to see the scene.

I know I have to set up some things in Chrome devices and do port forwarding. I’m not entirely sure what I should put there. From within Wonderland, I’m seeing (at the top) localhost:8080.

When I look at my desktop, I can see the webpage with VR, but when I click it, it seems to be stuck at loading.

If anyone can help me with this, I would be most grateful.

Also, once I get something up and running, what kind of server do I need to place this on for general sharing.

Again, sorry for such newbie questions. Your help is much appreciated.



Hi Mary,
It actually a question that a lot of people have. The easiest way, or at least the way I always do this, is to open the browser and navigate to edge://inspect or chrome://inspect, depending on whether you’re using Edge or Chrome.
Then, you need to set up port forwarding by entering 8080 as the port and localhost:8080 for “IP Address and Port”. You only have to set this up once, but you need to open this page if you want to test or debug. If your quest is connected to your PC and you have the quest browser open, you should see that on this page as well.
Voila! Now you can simply go to localhost:8080 on your Quest and view the WebXR app that is running on your PC on that port.

Oh, you need to have the USB cable attached from Quest to PC, but you don’t need the link app on the quest, just the browser.

I also have a small blog post about this ( Remote Localhost and Debugging) in case you want to read about it in a little bit more detail.