What's the triangle limit on Oculus Quest 2?

Has anyone done a raw triangles drawing test in WLE? to see how many we can get and still hold 90 fps?
I gotta tell my modeller some number

It depends very much on how you decide to draw those triangles :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ll say “triangles as a metric is overrated” :sweat_smile:
But, under most circumstances, you can get around 0.5 Million.

Ok great!
Thats close to what I have also seen in other WebXR (non wle) tests. I have seen 200-300k for 6 meshes.

You can tell your modeller it depends on how close you’re going to get to the model :slightly_smiling_face:
If you need more triangles for reasons of achieving higher quality/complexity, there’s an optimisation in the development pipeline for this kind of thing
In our current roadmap, that’s not part of any planned release yet

Thank you. It’s not a problem yet.
Trying to plan wisely